The funny thing is I used to detest photography and being dragged to the dark room by my dad. I thought it was the most boring thing one could do with their time. Never would I have thought in a million years that this would end up being one of my passions and things I care deeply about. Yet here I am doing this now as a professional for the last 17 years, in a lot of different locale’s around the American West and settling where all the action is, California. Can you say production value?!?
I love it here and I love what I do. I take that love, then infuse it into my work, giving my clients some kick ass images to grow their brand and help them realize their goals. You think it up and I’ll make it happen. You need me to think it up, I gotcha there too. My brain has got some creative depth to it and the technical knowledge to make it happen in print or on screen. 
One of my other passions is the outdoors and one of my absolute favorite things to do is to go out in the wild and find those moments or scenes and capture its beauty with my camera. This fusion between art and nature can create some simply magnificent images as well as special memories. In my artistic career some of the most amazing moments I’ve experienced have happened out in Mother Nature. Sometimes it's an unexpected burst of sun peeking through moody, cloudy skies; or a cloudy, misty day in a rain forest with rivers running clear, full and waterfalls flowing at max making gorgeous subjects. I have to say though my experiences shooting at night with either a crescent or full moon are my absolute favorite. No one is around except for you and your group to watch the show on a clear to clearish night never disappoints. The depth and reality of our existence never become more luminous than on those nights and its a great reminder of how gigantic and simulataneously tiny the universe is.
If you’re still reading this I truly appreciate it and hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and read. Cheers!
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